QUORA NONI: New studies for body odour, nail and feet care

Vytrus Biotech active ingredient QUORA NONI, the microbiome communication hacker, is the concentrated metabolome of Noni (Morinda citrifolia) plant stem cells specially designed to interact with microbiota communication (QUORUM SENSING).

It blocks the microbiome communication signals to avoid the formation of biofilms and the development of virulence, without killing or threatening the microbiota and maintaining the microbiome balance.

Several studies prove its efficacy against acne and dandruff, and now new studies have demonstrated its functionality for body odor and feet and nail care.

Body odour

Human sweat is odorless, but the interaction with the bacteria Corynebacterium striatum produces certain molecules responsible of the excessive and strong smell. What if we could rebalance these bacteria to control this body odor?

Quora Noni offers a new uncharted path to fight against strong body odor, with an innovative approach free of chemicals and aggressive substances.

Broad spectrum bacteriostatic effect

The results show that Quora Noni inhibits the growth and reproduction of C. striatum, maintaining the populations of this bacteria under control, without killing them. This test demonstrates the bacteriostatic effect of the active with this species of bacteria.

Antibiofilm effect

To demonstrate the antibiofilm effect of Quora Noni in C. striatum, specific representative biofilms for the species were generated in a selective medium with glass coupons to facilitate the aggregation of the microbiota.

After the biofilm generation was standardized several studies were carried out to analyze the C. striatum populations. Biofilm density and planktonic live cells in suspension, with and without the active Quora Noni in the medium, were quantified.

The results showed that there were very few cells forming biofilm when Quora Noni was added compared to control (cells on coupons).

If there were no cells in suspension, it would mean that the bacteria have been killed. If instead, there is a reduction of the biofilm compared to control, but there are cells in suspension, this would mean that there has been an inhibition of biofilm formation without killing the microbiota.

Results show that QUORA NONI inhibited the biofilm formation by -99%, while preserving alive the planktonic cells. This demonstrates the antibiofilm effect of the active on Corynebacterium striatum, and its potential efficacy to control the strong body odor caused by these bacteria.

Foot and nail infections

Epidermophytum flocossum is a pathogen fungus that can cause skin and nail infections. These cosmopolitan microbes can be found in the ground and cause infection by direct contact with the skin.

Quora Noni can control the growth of this fungus by hacking its communication systems. A bacteriostatic test was carried out to analyze the activity of the active to E. flocossum.

Broad spectrum bacteriostatic effect

The results show that Quora Noni inhibits the growth and reproduction of the fungus E. flocossum, maintaining the populations under control, without killing them, showing its fungistatic effect.

The results are a proof of concept that opens the door for the possibility to use the active to treat feet and nail fungi infections caused with this specific species of fungus.

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