QVC founder to debut new hair brand on TV shopping channel website

By Becky Bargh 19-Feb-2018

Joe Segel, founder of QVC, co-created the customisable hair care range last year

QVC founder to debut new hair brand on TV shopping channel website

Online retailer has announced it will launch HairRX Advanced Hair Care on its website.

The hair care brand, created by QVC’s founder Joe Segel, customises its ranges for women over the age of 30 to give consumers their preferred amount of lather and scent.

On the website customers can identify their hair care needs from six choices and choose their scent preference from five options: citrus, coconut, jasmine, lavender and vanilla.

Ellen Langas, Co-Ceo of ProfilePro, producers of HairRx, said: “More than ever, women are seeking customised solutions for their beauty needs and HairRx fulfils their desire for hair care formulas that target their individual needs.

“With the help of QVC we are providing the ultimate hair care customisation experience.”

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Joe Segel is also the co-founder of ProfilePro along with Jodi Dery, owner of award-winning salons in Boca Raton and Delray, Florida, US.

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