Qosmedix expands salon supplies category with Betty Dain and Colortrak products

Qosmedix is excited to announce that the company is now an authorised distributor of Betty Dain and Colortrak products, allowing Qosmedix to provide these popular salon supplies to industry professionals.

The Betty Dain Collection includes the following assortment of capes and aprons: Bleachproof All Purpose Cape, Black (Part # 599773), a Whisper Styling Cape, Black (Part # 599774), Luminous Stylist Apron, Black (Part # 599772) and Convertible Stylist Apron, Black (Part # 599771).

Qosmedix also carries the Betty Dain Folding Tray, Black (Part # 599775), perfect for salon stylists or traveling makeup artists.

The Colortrak Collection includes a wide range of colourful products that include precision and wide hair colour brush sets, a balayage board, mixing bowls, whisks and more.

Qosmedix is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified global supplier to the cosmetic, skin care, spa and salon industries.

Founded on the concept of maintaining hygienic practices during beauty consultations, the company has expanded to provide an array of high quality products that offer convenience and value to its customers.

The vast inventory includes brushes, swabs, applicators, disposable spa wear, jars, bottles and more.

For assistance with sample requests, orders or customisation inquiries, please contact a Customer Specialist by phone: +1 (631) 242-3270, fax: +1 (631) 242-3291, or e-mail: info@qosmedix.com.

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