REN fights pollution damage with interactive map


Map shows levels of pollution in cities worldwide

REN has launched an interactive pollution map on the landing page of its website. The tool shows consumers how polluted their city really is and highlights where consumers are using the brand’s Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist.

The Plume Index demonstrates levels of pollution in set areas. Places are labelled as being “fresh”, or having “moderate”, “high”, “very high” or “excessive” levels of pollution.

Polluted air is widely believed to have adverse affects on the body, and an increasing number of skin care experts believe it contributes to skin ageing. REN launched the Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist to shield and protect the skin from free radicals and environmental pollution.

REN said: “City living means polluted air and our skin does its best to protect itself against this toxic atmosphere. While we know we can’t live in a bubble to defend our skin against the ageing effects of pollution…we can help the skin to defend itself.”

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The brand is also encouraging consumers to share pictures of themselves using their Mist on social media. Consumers are invited to tag their location and use the hashtag #flashdefence for a chance to win a personalised skin consultation with REN and £250 worth of skin care products. Photos can also be uploaded directly to the REN website.