RPC M&H Plastics update Andrew Barton range


Made and decorated in the U.K. by RPC M&H Plastics, the refreshed line-up of Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment Mask tubes feature the latest in innovative decoration techniques, allowing the finished package to boast a mixture of both spot gloss & spot matt lacquer finishes with a separating silver curve.

Using a cost-effective alternative to foil blocking, RPC M&H Plastics has used an innovative high lustre ink where the matt and gloss finishes meet, creating the striking line of shiny silver which resembles a single hair strand. This helps the new Andrew Barton Tubes to really make an impact on shelf.

The two-tone pastel design of the tube allows users to easily differentiate between the shampoo and conditioner containers at a glance, while giving off a sophisticated yet cost-effective aesthetic that reflects the premium quality and expertise customers associate with the Andrew Barton brand. 

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The line is comprised of 6 variations of the product, each boasting their own mixture of primary or secondary colours covering the spot gloss section of the tube, causing the range stand out from the crowd on the shop shelves for years to come.