Rafesa unveils new recyclable bottle line

The Spanish packaging company's latest range is said to be sustainable and cost effective

Rafesa, a Spain-based packaging company, has revealed its new line of recyclable bottles, hoping to tap into the industry demand for environmentally friendly cosmetics packaging.

The bottles are made from hard PET, which Rafesa chose because it is 100% recyclable and compatible with most ingredients commonly used in cosmetics products.

The material provides an elegant appearance while being much lighter and less fragile than glass jars, which the company said will allow manufacturers to save on transportation costs.

The new bottles are available in a range of different sizes and finishes suitable for various products, including 15 and 50ml jars and 30ml bottles with closures including droppers and pump dispensers.

Earlier this year, Rafesa joined Beauty Cluster Barcelona, a collective of Spanish cosmetics and health care companies dedicated to sharing their knowledge and resources to benefit the beauty market and generate new business opportunities.