Réduit brings professional-level treatments into the home with new skin care device

By Becky Bargh 22-Oct-2020

The brand’s Spa device uses magnetic misting technology to deliver its targeted skin care formulas

Swiss tech brand Réduit is bringing professional-level treatments into the home with its new Spa skin care device.

The handheld Spa product (£179) uses ultrasonic magnetic misting to target specific skin care concerns from ageing and pollution to hydration.

This magnetic misting technology applies magnetic fields to reduce the surface tension of the product, allowing it to be easily absorbed by the skin.

Meanwhile, the delivery system diffuses particles onto the skin, which are said to be 50 times smaller than a regular spray. This creates a film on the skin and absorbs the active ingredients.

“Skin care is an industry that is constantly evolving and we see new ingredients and products being marketed every day,” said Réduit’s CEO Paul Peros.

“Yet people are still applying products using their hands, something that has been done for years and years.

“With the Réduit Spa device we developed a whole new way to apply skin care, one that will enable people to get the most out of the ingredients and reduce product waste.”

Réduit’s Spa device is compatible with the brand’s highly concentrated 5ml Skinpods, available in 5-skus: Hydroboost, Precision Shield, Ageless Mist, Pearl Diffusion and Clear Dew.

The formulations are said to contain powerful ingredients to achieve maximum results.

Peros continued: “We managed to condense out formulations to 5ml while getting the same amount of applications out of it as a traditional 100ml skin care product.

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“Not only that, we are removing the need for people to touch their face, making an altogether more hygiene and effective way to apply skin care skin care products.”