Register to View Ithos Global's Free Webinar On Demand


Register to View Ithos Global's Free Webinar On Demand

Register here for Ithos Global's free webinar "How to Commercialize Cosmetic Products and Effectively Measure Results" and learn more about designing a successful product launch, regulatory considerations and documentation required, and measuring performance metrics.

Hosted by Ithos Global Founder Ken Bubeck and Delphic HSE Technical Director Ray Boughton, the webinar helps businesses understand why getting a product to market quickly and in compliance is critical to its success.

Understanding the Importance of Organized Regulatory Processes

To meet company goals and market demands, it is essential to have the right regulatory knowledge, tools, and performance metrics in place. When utilizing effective processes and data output strategies, commercializing your products can be a seamless and timely process.

  • Discover how to design a successful product launch with the right performance metrics in place
  • Understand the regulatory considerations and documentation required for registration in multiple jurisdictions, including PIF assembly
  • Learn the fundamentals of preparing a safety assessment
  • Determine the knowledge and tools needed to improve compliance and shorten product launch timelines
  • Gain useful tools for making data-driven decisions in efforts to rework current regulatory processes and performance metrics to meet company goals.

Join the hundreds of people who have already utilized this webinar to help streamline regulatory requirements throughout the product life cycle.

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