Respect and commitment, beyond the equality plan

Virospack, faithful to its commitment to the Equality Plan, aware that the greatest asset of the company is the human team and reinforcing its family business values, takes a step forward in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a result of this commitment, the Human Resources Department organized a participatory meeting on June 4, offered by the external company Prevent, leader in occupational risk prevention, to discuss, reflect, comment and, ultimately, raise awareness among all the managers of the production sections, of the importance of equal opportunities without differences by sex.

Strengthening the safe working environment that has prevailed in the company for a long time, its CSR policy is clear and based on respect and equality.

Only with this objective and taking a step further, this training was carried out. A training about topics as important for Virospack as equality in structure, selection, promotion, learning, communication, retribution and conciliation.

The day passed according to plan, in a friendly and casual atmosphere with participation of all the attendees, sometimes not in agreement between them but always with the same spirit that is none other than to continue working all together with equality, forward, and reinforcing the great team that they all are, increasing its strong corporate feeling.

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