Restoring youthful tresses: A global solution to hair ageing

Alopecia and greying are manifestations of hair ageing that, when they occur prematurely, can negatively impact self-esteem

Hair serves several functions; it protects the scalp against the harmful effects of sun exposure, facilitates sweat evaporation, helps control body heat and blocks dirt and dust.

But there is more to hair – healthy hair is associated with beauty in women, virility in men and youthfulness in both sexes. Two major hair concerns are hair loss (alopecia) and greying (canities).

What causes hair loss?

A hair follicle goes through three cyclical phases: the anagen phase (active growth) lasts about six years, the catagen phase (follicle regression) only ten days and the telogen phase (resting phase and hair release) around three months.

Excessive hair loss is associated with a . . .

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