Revolution Beauty’s new booking app supports self-starter beauty professionals

By Alessandro Carrara 5-May-2022

My Revolution works in a similar way to salon booking services, and is available as a mobile app

Revolution Beauty has launched a new beauty booking app, designed to help self-employed beauty professionals acquire new clients and open up new revenue streams.

My Revolution, the name given to the mobile app, allows freelance beauty professionals to be discovered by potential clients, while also centrally managing bookings on the platform.

The global multi-brand beauty company said it has seen over 1,000 beauty professionals already sign up and download the app, which offers both free and premium pricing models.

“Those who freelance in the beauty industry can spend hours replying to customers on different platforms, handling diary changes and dealing with cancellations,” said Nicola Wing, Group Strategy Director, Revolution Beauty.

“My Revolution will make this process so much easier, freeing up their time so they can focus less on logistics and more on what they do best.”

Co-founded by make-up artist turned entrepreneur, Nicola Gunby, and entrepreneur, Jason Iliffe, the platform aims to transform the way freelance beauty professionals manage their clients and market their talents.

“My Revolution is the perfect answer to this, providing independent beauty professionals all over the UK with an opportunity to market themselves and their talents on the same platform that a customer can browse, book and pay,” added Gunby, who is also the co-founder of AMB Beauty.

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My Revolution is available to all kinds of freelance beauty professionals, including accredited make-up artists, hairstylists and beauty therapists, and is available on iOS and Android.