Rheology ingredients: Complex skin care made simple

Dr Gundula Starkulla and Charlotte Stricane introduce a new multifunctional formulation partner that overcomes the challenges of salt-containing and low pH formulations

The days of consumers simply wanting moisturising or soothing features from their personal care products are long gone.

Consumers are defining beauty for themselves in their own personal ways, meaning that their requests are more individual, diverse and complex.

Trends indicate that they are looking for highly functional and protecting premium products to provide an answer to today's challenging environment.

The interest in solutions offering general protection from aspects such as sun damage, blue light and pollution is on the rise.

In Asia Pacific – the largest skin care products market – there is a high demand for skin-lightening creams.

In the Americas, anti-ageing is the highest contributing segment in skin care and there is rising popularity for multifunctional products.

And in Europe, there is rising demand for premium skin care products.

To incorporate the varied aspects of beauty, personal care products will have to be designed to be more adaptable.

However, integrating the active ingredients that provide skin care benefits and protection is not always straightforward, as they tend to be difficult to stabilise.

Many active ingredients are most effective at . . .

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