Rodial shapes up with Super Fit range


Skin care brand Rodial has launched its Super Fit range comprising several of the brand's pre-existing products and a new energising drink called Super Fit turbo shots.

The Super Fit range, which features products designed to be used before or after exercise, includes five products for the body: Super Fit turbo shots, Super Fit sculpting gel, Super Fit boob job, Super Fit tummy tuck and Super Fit arm sculpt. Super Fit turbo shots is an energy drink that is said to increase energy levels during the day and also before a workout. The powder drink is packaged in sachets and can be mixed with water or added to a smoothie; ingredients include amino acids taurine and I-carnitine, as well as guarana, green tea and vitamin B. Speaking at the launch, founder Maria Hatzistefanis likened turbo shots to "a natural version of Red Bull".

The Super Fit range launches in 2014 and prices range from £48-£65. Super Fit turbo shots costs £48 for a pack of 14, 5g sachets.

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