Ronastar Dazzling Lights - new generation of gold pigment

Beauty addicts can't resist

Discover our latest enticing addition, Ronastar Dazzling Lights offers you an unparalleled shade of premium gold enhanced with a subtle hue of green!

Setting formulations in motion

Ronastar Dazzling Lights remains highly stable in formulations and delivers vivid living sparkle effects in very low concentrations. Multiple metallic dimensions initiate an enticing impact beginning from the first encounter between consumer and product.

Infuse your products with sparkles that bounce as they catch the light creating visual depth and setting formulations in motion.

  • Unique gold alight with a subtle hue of green
  • Crystal-clear sparkle effect
  • Engineered high-tech pigment architecture
  • Boosted sparkle on small particle scale
  • Inorganic composition provides highest stability
  • Smooth skin feeling.

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