SK Chemicals launches transparent bio-plastic


SK Chemicals launches transparent bio-plastic

South Korea’s SK Chemicals has unveiled Ecozen HF, a bio-copolyester range, especially suited to the aerosol industry.

The range is claimed as a suitable alternative for aluminium, glass and PET wherever heat and pressure resistance combined with transparency is required.

Germany-based raw materials specialist Velox will provide Ecozen HF in nearly all European countries.

Commenting on the material, François Minec, General Manager at Velox, said: “Ecozen HF has similar processing requirements to PET and can be used in the same injection-stretch blow moulding ISBM process.

“However the new grades by SK Chemicals perform perfectly in areas where PET can sometimes fail, such as in high-temperature and high-pressure applications.

“For example, PET is sometimes used to produce aerosol bottles. These bottles can often fail due to high residual stress and the low temperature resistance of PET, especially in the summer months when possible leakage is the result.

“Ecozen HF offers an ideal alternative here.”

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As a glass alternative, it is said to reduce weight and transportation costs. It is also totally miscible with PET in the recycling stream.