SPF boosters from bioplastics: The next step for sun care

By Julia Wray 4-Jul-2018

Bio-on launches new line of sun protection ingredients made from 100% natural and biodegradable bioplastic

SPF boosters from bioplastics: The next step for sun care

Increased awareness of the harm caused by exposure to UVA and UVB radiation has resulted in a boom in products containing UV filters.

However, commonly used organic filters, which work by absorbing UV, can be photo-unstable and even photo-toxic – meaning the industry is looking for ways to reduce their concentration in cosmetics while providing adequate sun protection.

A natural, ocean-friendly solution could be novel SPF boosting ingredients derived from bioplastics, the brainchild of Italian eco-plastics company Bio-on.

Part of the existing minerv bio products line, the new boosters are obtained from plant sources and are 100% biodegradable.

They come in the form of micropowders made from bioplastic microscopic spheres or capsules, and enable formulators to reduce the percentage of UV filters used in sunscreen formulations, as well as boosting water resistance.

minervPHB Riviera is an SPF booster suitable for all solar formulations, while minervPHB Riviera Plus is an SPF booster enriched with antioxidants and is recommended in particular for use in facial skin care, make-up and hair care.

The minerv bio cosmetics portfolio already includes texturising powders for skin care and make-up, mattifiers, scrubs and microcapsules for the controlled release of actives.

“Riviera represents another building block in our green cosmetics revolution to make the personal care market truly sustainable, and fully respect the ocean and the land,” said Bio-on’s Chairman and CEO, Marco Astorri.

“By continuing to find new solutions for the cosmetics sector, our company is setting a new standard thanks to our PHAs [polyhydroxyalkanoates] bioplastic.”

The new line of SPF boosters is the result of R&D carried out by Bio-on CNS, the company’s business unit dedicated to the development of cosmetic ingredients.

Paolo Saettone, Managing Director of Bio-on’s CNS business unit, explained: “The Riviera line is a success story from our Powder Boutique, a site dedicated to advanced research, where our scientists play with our versatile biopolymer like tailors play with fabrics, seeking out the perfect morphology and technology to maximise performance.

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“This fine work has created the Riviera microparticles, which are the perfect scattering centre element for UV rays.”