Saie launches ‘The Every Body’ campaign supporting women’s reproductive rights

By Alessandro Carrara 26-Oct-2022

The campaign claims to be one of largest beauty industry-backed reproductive rights initiatives to date

The US Supreme Court overthrew Roe v Wade on 24 June 2022

The US Supreme Court overthrew Roe v Wade on 24 June 2022

Beauty brand Saie has launched a new human rights campaign to raise awareness and funds for women’s reproductive rights in the US, following the overturning of Roe v Wade.

Scarlett Johansenn’s The Outset, e.l.f. Cosmetics and The Inkey List are among the 35 beauty businesses which have backed ‘The Every Body’ campaign.

Participating brands repackaged one of their best-selling products styled in a limited-edition ‘Every Body Green’ carton, which are available to purchase on

One hundred percent of the campaign proceeds will go towards SisterSong, a national activist organisation dedicated to supporting those most impacted by the new anti-abortion legislation.

"At Saie, our mission first and foremost is to feel good and do good for people and the planet. Period," said Laney Crowell, founder and CEO of Saie.

"As a mother of two daughters, I couldn't sit back and feel helpless with our rights on the line. I'm grateful and encouraged that so many like-minded brands jumped at the chance to participate, partner and contribute to The Every Body Campaign.”

The US Supreme Court implemented the decision to overthrow Roe v Wade, a 50-year-old case which gave women in America the constitutional right to have an abortion, on 24 June.

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The decision was met with widespread protests over reproductive rights and the risk that the ruling will result in women turning to unsafe methods of abortion.

Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and LVMH were among the list of beauty companies which spoke out following the news reaffirming their commitment to support women seeking abortions in the US.

‘The Every Body’ campaign will also encourage voting ahead of the November US midterm elections, and will help to identify candidates who support reproductive rights.

"Today, the Outset joins more than 35 brands and fFounders who partnered on the beauty industry's largest effort to drive awareness around the issue of reproductive rights ahead of the November midterm elections,” added Johansson, Chairman and co-founder of The Outset.

“We believe in conscious consumerism and are proud to participate in this effort that highlights and supports the basic human rights that are at stake."