Sales of make-up and skin care containing SPF soar in the US

Sales climbed 24% from three years ago

Sales of make-up and skin care with SPF reached $1.1bn in US prestige department stores from June last year to May 2013, according to NPD. This represents a 24% increase from three years ago, and according to Karen Grant, NPD’s senior global industry analyst, is motivated by a number of factors including health concerns, superficial fears of ageing, and the intensified focus on sun protection from the beauty and health care industries.

In make-up and skin care, products with SPF 15 make up the largest segment in sun protection with more than half of dollar sales in the US. In skin care, however, the majority of the growth occurred where the SPF was greater than 20. SPF 30, the second largest SPF segment in skin care, registered 13% of skin care sales and grew significantly in the past 12 months ending May 2013.

“It’s been said that ‘a good sunscreen is the best anti-ageing product you can get’, and not only are consumers buying more products with SPF they are spending a little more on them to get that higher SPF number for better protection,,” said Grant. “Sun protection is a great example of the power behind a product that not only addresses a need, but also has found ways to expand its reach and tap into the emotional component.”