Scent Republik seals retail deals with Superdrug and The Perfume Shop

By Becky Bargh 24-May-2018

The brand was founded by two British dads who wanted to help ‘betweenagers’ discover fragrance in a fun way

Scent Republik seals retail deals with Superdrug and The Perfume Shop

Scent Republik has sealed retail deals with Superdrug and The Perfume Shop, with another at Australia’s Mecca Maxima retailer in the pipeline for later in the year.

In conjunction with the launch, the brand is releasing three new scents, BBF!, ZAP! and YAY!, joining WHOOSH!, CHILL! and FAB! (£4.95 each).

Founded by two dads, Kevinn Hirsch and Alex Theodorou, Scent Repulik’s fragrances are all cruelty-free, promoting the brand’s ethos ‘that you should be kind to everyone’.

Hirsch said: “We were fed up with the usual beauty products and never-ending clichés available to kids.

“There’s a lot going on in pre-teen lives such as friendships, bodies and ideas, so we thought we’d use the amazing power of scent to inspire positive and confidence-boosting feelings.”

The dads were inspired to create a product that they would be happy to buy for their own daughters.

“We racked our brains and came up with a product young people could relate to and most importantly, something they’d happily buy their own pre-teen daughters,” added Hirsch.

The Scent Stik’s are designed to be mixed and matched together in order for girls to create their own scent, promoting confidence and individuality.

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