Sederma active reduces hair growth


Kelisoft softens hair and minimises growth

Sederma has responded to calls from consumers wanting to shave less often by introducing Kelisoft, a hair growth minimiser said to be efficient on both beards and underarms.

A highly purified natural plant molecule, Kelisoft slows down hair growth while refining its diameter. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Kelisoft works by regulating the production of inflammatory mediators PGE2, IL8 and VEGF, known to stimulate hair growth.

Twice daily application of a roll-on containing 3% Kelisoft under the arms of 20 female volunteers for two months found hair to grow both slower and finer enabling women to wait a day between shaves. Tests on bearded male volunteers confirmed that the application of a 45 Kelisoft-containing cream reduced hair growth speed, delaying the dreaded ‘5 o’clock shadow’ for three hours.

Two versions of the ingredient are available: a water soluble one and Kelisoft OS, an oil soluble variant.