Sederma’s Widelash promises enhanced lash length and thickness


In vitro and in vivo tests support 15 day significant improvement claims

Widelash - before

Widelash - before

Sederma claims its new active ingredient Widelash can enhance eyelash length, thickness and volume in just 15 days.

Based on a vitaminated matrikine complex, Widelash is said to act positively on accentuating the natural appearance of the eyelashes and their anchorage to reduce eyelash loss. The ingredient is said to fortify the hair fibre and bulb, increasing the rate of cell multiplication at the level of the root sheath, improving keratinocyte synthesis and thus hair fibre production.

Sederma says eyelashes look longer and thicker and has demonstrated this in vitro (+121% hair length in 14 days) and in vivo (up to +43% length and +40% thickness after 30 days). Widelash - afterSign up for your free email newsletter

Widelash - after

In vitro test are also said to show a capacity to encourage the synthesis of adhesion molecules laminin-5 and collagen IV in the dermis/epithelium sheath junction, providing optimal hair anchorage. This is further demonstrated in vivo with a significant decrease of eyelash loss after make-up removal over 30 days of daily mascara application with 2% Widelash.