Selfie-driven beauty advisors found to convert product purchase online

By Becky Bargh 21-Jan-2019

The study, conducted by Revieve, found more than half of customers went on to purchase products after viewing recommendations

A new study conducted by digital skin analysis company Revieve has found 51% shoppers using personalised beauty advisors went on to purchase products.

The research was conducted across four continents from brands and retailers into selfie-skin analysis via e-commerce sites.

Customers that were most susceptible to purchasing products after using the service were Asian consumers at nearly 80%.

Meanwhile, only 42% of customers in the US were influenced by the digital platform.

“We’re extremely excited to see a selfie-skin analysis lead digital beauty advisor offer tangible benefits for consumers,” said Sampo Parkkinen, Revieve’s CEO.

“The results of the study provide unquestionable evidence about the increases in conversion and transaction size that a beauty brand or retailer is able to experience simply by providing their customer-base with a powerful digital customer experience in the form of a skin analysis and resulting recommendation.

“It’s our belief that these types of customer experiences are imperative for beauty brands and retailers in their efforts in providing a superior customer experience.”

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Beauty heavyweights L’Oréal and Coty are among those using beauty recommendations online for customers through its brands, while retailers such as Target also use this technology.

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