Sens8ate Skincare Botanicals taps into CBD

Sens8ate Skincare Botanicals advocate the use of CBD but with 0% THC

When it comes to CBD-based beauty products, CBD (an oil extracted from the hemp plant) promises a range of health benefits, many of which have been praised for treating and preventing skin breakouts.

As a skin care brand, Sens8ate Skincare Botanicals advocate the use of CBD but with 0% THC (which means that all traces of THC – The Psychoactive Chemical of Cannabis have been removed).

Morning Dew CBD Day Cream | £54.99

This natural moisturiser has been designed with a range of vitamins, oils and extracts to deeply moisturise and hydrate the skin. This formula contains a natural blend of CBD, hyaluronic acid, baobab oil, opuntia oil, green tea and meadow foam oil keeping skin well-nourished, resulting in a healthy glow.

Evening Elixir CBD Night Cream | £59.99

This soothing natural night moisturiser is infused with CBD, hyaluronic acid, opuntia oil (prickly pear), gotu kula extracts, cucumber virgin oil, rosehip oil and evening primrose oil to create a perfect cream that rejuvenates skin throughout the night.

Flawless CBD Miracle Face Oil | £69.99

This 100% natural facial oil serum contains a blend of CBD, marula, broccoli, flaxseed and apricot oils that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles resulting in younger, more radiant skin.

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