Senseryn: Skin and senses connected for well-being


Senseryn is made from hops ethically sourced from a family-owned local supplier that is organically certified

Senseryn: Skin and senses connected for well-being

Senseryn was created as a result of Provital’s desire to improve the quality of life of people with sensitive and reactive skin.

To provide them with a specific solution, Provital adopted a new scientific approach, sensocosmetic, in which our senses take care of our skin to enhance its well-being.

Senseryn is an active ingredient, COSMOS certified, which calms and protects reactive skin emulating the natural protection of plants, their bitter tastes.

Senseryn is made from hops ethically sourced from a family-owned local supplier that is organically certified, to ensure sustainability. We also help support a local family while protecting the environment and promoting the biodiversity of its cultivation.

It has been discovered that sensory receptors are also present on skin. Provital moves one step further, identifying bitter taste sensory receptors that are also functional on the skin, with specific studies carried out on keratinocytes and, for the first time, fibroblasts.

In vitro efficacy results demonstrate that Senseryn activates bitter taste receptors, which act on all the skin’s protective barriers. It strengthens the chemical barrier by stimulating the antimicrobial peptide ß-defensin-3.

It supports the microbiological barrier by optimising the anti-dermatitis microbiota. It reinforces the physical barrier by promoting collagen synthesis. And it supports the immune barrier by acting on pro-inflammatory mediators.

The in vivo efficacy results in a panel of men and women with atopic-prone skin demonstrate that, after histamine application, Senseryn acts on all reactive symptoms of sensitive skin related with its well-being: it reduces itching, preventing superinfection due to scratching.

It neutralises the burning sensation associated with inflammatory response. It restores skin comfort acting on hydration and elasticity. It reduces redness.

Senseryn minimises and prevents all inflammatory reactions of reactive skin. The quality of life is restored for longer.

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Senseryn back to calm through your senses.

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