SenzaGen expands European distribution network with VitroScreen

The deal will allow VitroScreen the right to market and sell the company’s cruelty-free GARD test platform

Swedish in vitro testing facility SenzaGen has expanded its distribution network with Italy’s VitroScreen.

VitroScreen Laboratory is a testing facility for in vitro toxicity and biocompatibility studies.

The three year agreement gives VitroScreen the right to market SenzaGen’s GARD testing platform across Europe.

SenzaGen’s GARDskin and GARDpotency tests allow companies to measure the allergenicity of chemical substances without using animals.

“VitroScreen is a perfect partner for us, they are in vitro specialists and aim at offering the latest testing methods,” said SenzaGen’s CEO Axel Sjöblad.

“With the agreement, VitroScreen can offer GARD to customers who want to test both during their product development and to support their product resignations.

“We are now establishing the GARD technology in Italy and are strengthening our presence in the important European market.”

SenzaGen currently operates in Sweden and the US.

Meanwhile, VitroScreen’s CEO Marisa Meloni said the team was looking forward to working with a partner who shares its values and who “contributes actively to a sustainable and ethical development of pre-clinical testing market”.

Meloni continued: “With SenzaGen’s GARD, we provide our customers with a unique alternative platform with unparalleled accuracy meeting the needs of several industries, notably for the assessment of potential respiratory sensitisers.”

SenzaGen was granted a patent for its GARD potency classifications in Europe earlier this year.