Seppic wesource launches green active ingredient for eye and silhouette contouring


Quinoa-derived ingredient Adipoless Eco builds on success of original Adipoless product

Seppic’s wesource brand of cosmetic active ingredients has introduced a new, more natural version of its Adipoless silhouette contouring and anti-dark circle product.

Adipoless Eco is derived from quinoa, a plant known for its multiple beneficial components. High quality crops are said to be extracted using a natural solvent (bio-propanediol) and preserved using COSMOS preservatives, which provide the skin with more naturality.

The ingredient revitalises the eyes by limiting dark circles in just 28 days; the eye contour is less pronounced, capillaries and strengthened and skin elasticity is maintained.

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Adipoless Eco also regulates angiogenesis to maintain the silhouette and prevent the formation of new fat.

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