Sharon Laboratories introduces new preservative line


Sharon Laboratories introduces SharoSENSE Plus Preservative Line: Natural-like, high efficacy solution.

This innovative system provides full broad spectrum protection at significantly low level of use with enhanced hydro solubility.

SharoSENSE Plus answers the needs of the personal care industry for green and effective preservative systems. This line offers natural-Like solution, with increased solubility.

The SharoSENSE Plus line combines the best features of natural ingredients, with the safety, quality and consistency of the lab, and is markedly strengthened by the role of cationic catalysis.

This line is based on Maltol, a naturally occurring organic compound. The addition of a cationic surfactant component within a specific range increases the efficacy significantly to bring the level of use in final product to below 0.5%.

This line offers several solutions, suitable for wide range of applications including leave-on, rinse-off, and more.

SharoSENSE Plus is patent pending.

Sharon Laboratories introduces new preservative line

Benefits to manufacturers and end-users

SharoSENSE Plus present major benefits to the users:

Significantly higher efficacy, which results in reduced level of use, below 0.5% in a final product.

This reduced level allows the manufacturer to use less preservatives, while gaining better protection, at wide pH range. They benefit from a higher compatibility in the formula.

Hydro solubility: SharoSENSE Plus comes in a powder form, freely soluble in warm water. Eliminating the need for a solvent to carry the preservative into the formula.

Safe and green profile: Maltol is a naturally occurring organic compound, found in several plants such as Katsura tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) and others.

It is used as a flavour enhancer and as intermediate in Pharmaceutical. it is GRAS approved. SharoSENSE Plus is dermatologically tested.

Sharon Laboratories is a global manufacturer of preservative solutions for personal care, and is an industry leader in development, production and marketing for preservatives.

Sharon Laboratories’ customers enjoy full service and support throughout the development, production and product marketing phases, with emphasis on innovation, quality, flexibility and technical support.

Sharon Laboratories introduces new preservative line

This enables manufacturers to supply the consumer with safe products that meet the strictest market and regulatory requirements and regulations.

For over 40 years, Sharon laboratories has been an approved supplier to many global companies and industry leaders and has an established network of local distribution channels in over 40 countries.

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