Shiseido discovers mint plants can boost skin elasticity

By Lucy Tandon Copp 5-Dec-2019

Scientists analyse how the Labiatae plant activates sensory neurons, which play a role in skin elasticity

Scientists from Shiseido have discovered that an ingredient from the mint family of flowering plants can help boost elasticity in skin.

The research team from the beauty giant first identified that sensory neurons play a role in skin elasticity.

The nerve cells release components that stimulate the production of collagen in fibroblasts, which are known to be involved in skin elasticity.

The discovery was made using technology that provides a 3D view of nerve fibres in the skin to a depth of approximately 2mm, including the deep dermis layer, by making skin tissue transparent.

Shiseido found that peripheral nerve fibres, which spread throughout the body, decrease with age and density decreases significantly.

Focusing on developing skin care products that target nerve cells, the company’s team then explored ingredients that activate sensory neurons.

It discovered that Phytoconnect, an ingredient derived from the Labiatae plant, activates sensory neurons.

The Labiatae plant is related to mint and sage, and is from a family of flowering plants.

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