Shiseido offers hand massages to Kumamoto survivors

Kumamoto Prefecture suffered multiple earthquakes in April

Shiseido has announced it is providing further assistance to the people affected by the Kumamoto earthquake in Japan.

The city suffered serious damage after being hit by multiple earthquakes; a magnitude 7.0 mainshock was felt on 16 April.

Shiseido has already sent out two batches of aid including dry shampoo, wet wipes and moisturising skin care sets, as well as money. Now, the beauty company is offering complimentary hand massages and other cosmetic services for people in Mashiki-machi in the Kumamoto Prefecture.

So far, approximately 270 refugees have been reached at ten evacuation sites, and Shiseido hopes to help more. Shiseido's employees and former workers have also raised roughly JPY2m through its Shakai Kōken Club, a Shiseido-run organisation. The total amount will be donated at the end of June through NGO Japan Platform.