Silab's latest active ingredient

A postbiotic concentrate for a preserved microbiota and a revived radiance

Lactobiotyl is a natural postbiotic active ingredient that can restore hydration and luminosity to dry skin. It improves the integrity and renewal of the epidermal barrier while preserving the equilibrium of the cutaneous microbiota.

The biotech design of a postbiotic by bioguding

For the development of its new care product for dry skin, Silab Research drew inspiration from the adaptation properties of a plant probiotic (Lactobacillus arizonensis) to a desert climate.

This living microorganism colonises jojoba, a shrub known for its adaptation to extremely dry conditions, as those of the Arizona desert. In order to ensure its survival, this good bacterial species (= probiotic) bioconverts molecules of its host into bioactive metabolites, more commonly called postbiotics.

Based on their recognised expertise in mastering natural, the microbiota and biotechnologies, Silab teams have reproduced in industrial bioreactors the natural environment of this bacterial species specific to desert climates by growing it in association with its host, jojoba.

This targeted bioguiding technology has directly resulted in the production of bioactive molecules that constitute Lactobiotyl.

Advanced analytical techniques have enabled these bioactive molecules to be identified. They are cyclic polyols, osmoprotecting molecules known to regulate the water status of the plant in conditions of drought.

In the skin, these molecules directly target dry skin, thereby making Lactobiotyl the ideal care product to treat dry skin.

Improve the integrity of the skin barrier

Using a 3D model of reconstructed epidermis subjected to a water stress, Silab has shown that Lactobiotyl activates mechanisms required to establish an effective barrier function by:

  • stimulating epidermal differentiation and cohesion [1]
  • optimizing the formation of the lipid cement by activating the expression of the lipid-synthesizing enzymes GBA, ABCA12, FASN
  • reducing transepidermal water losses (-71%).

Boost hydration and complexion radiance

Lactobiotyl improves the quality of dry skin (face and hands). After 28 days of twice daily application to the face of Caucasian volunteers with dry skin, Lactobiotyl at 1% maintains the microbiota’s equilibrium and revitalises renewal of the cutaneous barrier.

Hydration is improved (+16.2%) and complexion radiance is revived, shown by increased reflection by the skin (+7.4%; P < 0.01). This dual hydrating/complexion booster effect was also significantly seen on the face of Asian volunteers.

Lactobiotyl is therefore recommended in all care products for dry skin. This biotech active ingredient is patented (INCI name: Maltodextrin and Lactobacillus Ferment), available as a powder without preservatives (recommended amount: 0.1 to 1%) and compliant with international cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, Japan, China, etc.).

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