Silgan Dispensing Systems to reveal new product at Luxe Pack Monaco

Global packaging company will showcase the latest addition to its innovative dispensing portfolio and offer visitors the chance to experience luxury in a new light at Luxe Pack Monaco, October 2-4 2017

At Luxe Pack Monaco 2017, Silgan Dispensing Systems, a division of Silgan Holdings Inc, (Nasdaq: SLGN) formerly WestRock Company’s Home, Health and Beauty business, will be revealing a new addition to its range of sophisticated pumps designed based on direct consumer insights. Influenced by the idea that the luxury packaging market is shifting from brands defining luxury to consumers defining luxury, Silgan Dispensing Systems, a global leader in dispensing will present its latest fragrance sprayer alongside other consumer insight driven elements from its portfolio, and invite visitors to experience luxury in a new light.

Following in the tradition of using consumer research learning’s to determine product development strategy; Silgan Dispensing Systems will share findings from its newest study around luxury fragrance packaging. The study is aimed at gauging awareness, interest and use of refillable and recyclable fragrance packaging, as well as determining whether there is a gap in expectations and availability regarding sustainable fragrance packaging.

“Through studying what luxury means to today’s consumers, we have been able to identify influential market trends and create relevant solutions that answer consumers’ new expectations,” says Sandy Gregory, Associate Marketing Director, Global Fragrance & EU Beauty, Silgan Dispensing Systems. “This year we are helping brand owners to demonstrate their concern for the new social forces and trends by providing practical solutions we know consumers are interested in.”

The company’s research and insights show that consumers notice, appreciate and feel connected by the nuances of the total product experience. At Luxe Pack Monaco, Silgan Dispensing Systems will display its Emotions of Spray Collection, an expanded line of fragrance pumps that encompass unique spray characteristics and cater to the consumer experience. Each sprayer in the collection offers the ability to deepen the fragrance experience, which, according to the research, increases consumers’ brand connection and drives repeat purchase intent. The company will also highlight its entire line of Beauty and Personal Care product line including Melodie Touch, the first fragrance sprayer created to provide a discreet and directly targeted dose that is perfect for touch-ups during the day, and Aria Luxe, our luxury pump that enhances consumers’ perception of prestige skincare dispensing through specific sensory cues.

Silgan Dispensing Systems’ booth at the event will reflect its research insights through a conceptual design that exposes visitors to the way luxury trends are evolving in the world. The booth design will be influenced by natural elements and will feature visual cues that reflect changing consumer values towards luxury, including authenticity, respect, and unique experiences. It will feature visuals that convey how individual products within Silgan Dispensing Systems’ portfolio play into the idea of new luxury experiences through engaging visitors to think about the way they connect with luxury today and encourage them to experience luxury in a new light.

Silgan will be at Luxe Pack Monaco 2017 from October 2-4, at booth number RD09 Hall Ravel.

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