Silgan Dispensing announces the development of ReVive 2cc and 4cc Dispensers following recyclability recognition

Published: 11-Oct-2022

The Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) recognition affirms these new solutions’ recyclability in North American markets

Silgan Dispensing has made further progress toward its goal to develop more sustainable dispensing solutions following meeting or exceeding the voluntary APR Design® Critical Guidance Recognition Program requirements on two new dispensers. The two innovations announced today by the company, ReVive™ 2cc dispenser and ReVive™4cc dispenser, both featuring its LifeCycle™ Technology, represent the company’s focus on product sustainability and performance.

With the announcement, Silgan Dispensing is making samples available to companies looking to advance their sustainability goals.

“We are extremely excited to begin showing ReVive 2cc and 4cc to customers,” said Stephanie Hawkins, director, personal care and home and garden marketing at Silgan Dispensing.

“Pumps of these sizes are widely used in beauty and personal care markets and can be found on liquid hand soaps, skin care and body care lotions, and shampoos and conditioners. Offering recyclable solutions for such a broad range of consumer products provides our customers and us an opportunity to take a big step forward in our shared goal of sustainability.”

Silgan Dispensing’s LifeCycle™ Technology brings enhanced sustainability and recyclability to dispensing solutions through patented plastic springs. By replacing the more conventional metal springs with these innovative plastic designs, the dispenser can be made almost entirely of a single polyolefin, making it ultimately more compatible with today’s recycling streams.

“We understand that brands and their end consumers are focused on sustainability, but they also expect a positive dispensing experience – one that looks familiar and works flawlessly. With these dispensers, we sought to bring enhanced recyclability along with an exceptional product performance to the beauty and personal care markets,” added Hawkins.

ReVive™ 2cc and ReVive™ 4cc dispensers

ReVive 2cc and ReVive 4cc are both made from 100% polyolefin with no metal springs. Based on third-party laboratory tests, APR recognizes both dispensers as meeting or exceeding its Critical Guidance Protocol and being recyclable with HDPE and PET recycling streams. Additionally, RecyClass has certified the dispensers, earning an A rating for compatibility with both recycling streams in Europe1.

Revive 2cc provides brand owners exceptional performance among dispensers this size. It features a consistent profile and a lock-up design. In addition, ReVive 2cc is highly compatible with a variety of product formulations and viscosities making it the ideal choice for lotions, liquid soaps, creams and gels. Furthermore, ReVive 2cc is ISTA 6A certified, which ensures it’s capable of withstanding normal hazards associated with the e-commerce shipping and delivery process2.

Like its smaller counterpart, ReVive 4cc provides brands many of the same benefits in this larger capacity dispenser. ReVive 4cc comes standard with Silgan Dispensing’s leading water ingression technology, preventing bacteria growth by keeping water out of the bottle.  This 4cc dispenser is also e-commerce ready, earning ISTA 6A certification2.

Other products featuring Silgan’s LifeCycle™ Technology include its Pearl® 2 airless system and SP05™ R trigger sprayer.

1 - RecyClass recognition applies for an undecorated clear or white dispensing pump.

2 - ITSA 6A certification applies to select standard bottles typically used with these types of dispensing pumps.  Final applicability is determined by the brand’s bottle selection.

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