Skin care – The stretchmark conundrum


Stretchmarks are a common skin problem that can affect anyone who gains or loses weight quickly including pregnant women, athletes and adolescents. While there\'s no definitive solution to stretchmarks, creams, oils, laser treatments and aesthetic procedures are available to diminish their appearance.

Stretchmarks continue to be a hot topic in beauty circles as a definitive solution for this most common of skin problems has yet to be found. On a positive note, the challenge has given life to a dynamic segment that continues to surprise, as Nadia Di Martino reports

They have been described as ‘beastly marks’ and ‘the most dreaded of imperfections’ in the press but on the bright side at least stretchmarks are not harmful to the skin. Nevertheless they remain one of the biggest mysteries for the beauty industry, because despite the array of products on offer, stretchmarks are largely permanent in their nature.

“Many studies are underway to discover the ubiquitous ‘miracle’ stretchmark product but so far the only solution is prevention rather than cure. It is essential to use creams on a regular basis and specific anti-stretchmark products during pregnancy, but also during puberty since this is when stretchmarks start to appear,” says Lionel Laffon, marketing director for Lierac Paris (Ales Groupe).


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