'Slow-made' cosmetics gain pace with consumers

Haeckels Founder Dom Bridges explains why 'slow-made' products appeal to his customers

Haeckels takes pride in hand-making its products over time, resulting in ‘slow-made’ products that are unique and carefully crafted. Here Founder Dom Bridges discusses the brand that pays homage to England’s coastline...

Dom Bridges

What does being handmade mean to Haeckels?
Handmade or ‘slow-made’ means the world to me. I started Haeckels so I could sell someone something with pride, tell them exactly what was in it, how it was made, how long it would last. It’s all about giving the customer an experience. People expect something back for their hard-earned money. Haeckels gives you that; each product is made with care and respect for our coastline.

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