Socoplan rebrands as Bioplan


Ileos unites its sampling subsidiaries

Ileos Group subsidiary Socoplan, which specialises in samples and unit doses, has been rebranded as Bioplan. The samping division comprises a network of five companies worldwide – Socoplan & Biopack in France, Flexpaq in the US, Flexasia in China and Socopol in Poland – united under the slogan Sampling Solutions Worldwide. The new brand is designed to symbolise the federation of all the companies while honoring the values of each and maintaining their strong local image.

"The brand name Bioplan is based upon the history of the companies: Biopack was founded in 1989 and acquired in 2008 by Ileos; Socoplan was founded by M Planchard in 1970 and acquired by Ileos in 1988," comments ceo Ludovic Anceau.

The brand will be deployed locally, combining Bioplan with the name of each company.

The new company logo is believed to be more cohesive and consistent for customers, employees and financial partners.

The Ileos group, which also includes Alliora, Axilone, Bioplan and Packetis, reported consolidated sales in 2010 of €275m.

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