Soliance develops skin soothing ingredient from marine algae

Mariliance is designed to reduce inflammation and inhibit pain receptors

Red micro-algae Rhodosorus marinus

Soliance has developed the active ingredient Mariliance that can “reduce neuro-inflammation and enhance skin longevity” according to the company.

Specialising in the manufacture of natural active ingredients from vegetable sources, microorganisms and microalgae for the cosmetics industry, Soliance, acquired by Givaudan SA in 2014, has turned to the unicellular red micro-algae Rhodosorus marinus to sooth skin sensitivity. The species is common in tropical and subtropical oceans.

Based on studies by the company, Mariliance, a colourless liquid, is active at a dilution of 1-3%, and impacts nerve growth factor (NGF), Interleukin-1 alpha and transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 1 (TrpV1), the pain receptor involved in cutaneous sensitivity. In a study of 46 volunteers, Mariliance reduced skin sensitivity by 30% compared to the placebo group over a period of 28 days.

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