South Korea’s LG chills out


Frostines brand is free from artificial colouring, fragrance, synthetic preservatives and fungicides

South Korea’s LG Household & Health Care Ltd, a leading maker of cosmetics as well as household and health products, has found an innovative response to consumer concerns about chemical additives in cosmetics. The solution is to remove them completely.

Not only is LG’s new Frostines brand free from artificial colouring, and fragrance, it is also free from the synthetic preservatives and fungicides commonly used. Natural products extracted from Bamboo and an Antarctic Lichen help protect the cosmetics from oxidation on exposure to air. However, Frostines must be chilled to temperatures lower than 10°C. Once opened, the products have a life of just six weeks.

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LG has also developed a special container to store the products in domestic refrigerators without running the risk of contamination from food flavours and fragrances. The Frostines range includes toners, skin cream, eye cream, and a number of “special care” products.