Stepan Company launches a new high-performing, sustainable, hair conditioning agent

STEPANQUAT Soleil is a novel hair conditioning cationic quaternary that offers a better story for the consumer, the formulator and the environment

The performance of hair conditioners is a must for demanding consumers, yet in the last few years, consumers have also increasingly clamored for more sustainable hair care products*.

STEPANQUAT Soleil (INCI: Dioleoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate (and) sunflower seed oil glycerides) takes into account this need and is derived from non-GMO sunflower oil sourced from France and Spain.

It does not contain any solvent nor preservative and comprises 100% total cationic and emollient actives. Its environmental footprint is low as this esterquat is readily biodegradable.

Performance-wise, it has a strong detangling power and is comparable to behentrimonium chloride.

It also possesses great substantivity while being easily removed during the next shampoo, resulting in a long lasting effect but no build-up!

Formulators should enjoy working with this 100% actives liquid for easier, quicker and safer processes. All kinds of textures and product forms can be explored, from liquids, to creams and even solids.

Explore, Enjoy, Be creative!

*Mintel, haircare NPD by select eco and natural claims, 2015-2019

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