Stoelzle Masnières invests in new furnace


Glass maker spent €20m on its French factory dedicated to the manufacture of luxury perfumes and cosmetics

Stoelzle Glass Group has invested €20m in its French Masnières factory with a new furnace that came into service on 8 January and the addition of a fifth line, intended to reduce environmental impact while improving productivity.

The furnace at the site, which is dedicated to the manufacture of luxury perfumes and cosmetics, will enable an increase in annual production capacity by more than 30%, or 100 tonnes, said the company.

“In 2020, an extremely difficult year for all industries, the right decisions were taken in Masnières by shutting down production during the two summer months and then scheduling the reconstruction of the furnace at the end of the year,” said Etienne Gruyez, CEO of Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie and Stoelzle Masnières Decoration.

“The effects of the crisis were thus limited. We kept in touch with our customers, suppliers and employees through video conferences.

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“At the beginning of 2021, we lack visibility but with the teams, we are ready to take up the new challenges of our clients.”