Stoelzle helps Kilian Paris hit the liquor


Angels’ Share and Roses on Ice are part of the brand's new The Liquors range

Stoelzle helps Kilian Paris hit the liquor

Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie has created the bottles for the new olfactory family from Kilian Paris: The Liquors.

The range, launched in October, comprises two fragrances, Angels’ Share and Roses on Ice.

Angels’ Share was created with perfumer Benoist Lapouza and contains subtle accords of cognac oil, oak absolutes, cinnamon and tonka bean, blended with notes of sandalwood, praline and vanilla. The extraction of an essence of cognac allowed the caramelised colour of this fragrance to be obtained.

Meanwhile, gin-inspired Roses on Ice – a collaboration between Kilian Hennessey and perfumer Franck Voelkl – brings together roses, cucumber, a few notes of distilled gin and a hint of lime and juniper berries mixed with sandalwood and musk.

Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie developed the engraved glass trompe l’oeil bottles, which were inspired by art deco cocktail glasses.

It marks the first time Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie and Kilian Paris have worked together.

According to the glassmaker, several challenges had to be successfully met.

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These included the faceted bottle being very rich in glass but carrying a small screw ring; very regular distribution at the base and shoulder despite very pronounced intaglio engraving; the creation of a very specific mould, requiring demoulding in several parts; and the need for perfect dimensional control to allow a good positioning and gluing of the plate.