Strand Cosmetics Europe takes advantage of time with ChronoPower+, a new patented cosmetic technology

Strand Cosmetics Europe laboratories have developed ChronoPower +, a molecular network and entrapment technology, which has been patented.

Elaborated from 4 biopolymers, ChronoPower + acts as a superhero within the formula, increasing the penetration capacity of the active ingredients in the skin and their storage within the skin layers.


The 4 polysaccharides - Hyaluronic Acid, Biosaccharide Gum, Galactoarabinan, Alginate - then provide their moisturizing, film-forming and protective properties, with a reinforced and long-term effect.

A clinical hydration study has shown that a concentration of ChronoPower+ at 5% in a gel contributes to the moisturizing effectiveness of the formula.

It resulted in the development of a ChronoPower+ loaded with glycerin / urea and whose moisturizing effect is statistically significant immediately, 3h, 6h and up to 24h after single application.

Chrono-availability and Chrono-storage properties have been proven: an ex vivo study in Franz cells with an active ingredient of reference has confirmed an availability in skin twice much and 36% more storage of this active compared to placebo.


This innovation is part of Strand Cosmetics Europe's MAESTRA TECH' project, a technological approach that improves the active properties of raw materials in order to offer active cosmetic solutions and increase the performance of formulations.

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