Sun care formulations: Self-tan and protection

The following formulations focus on sun care with concepts including a pre-sun product, a protective sun oil, a UV shield for coloured hair and a subtle self-tan

Formulating effective and on-trend sun care and tanning products is essential to keep your consumers safe – and coming back for more.

Below are four formulations that focus on different sun care products covering pre-sun, a sun oil, UV shield for coloured hair and a subtle self-tan.

Formulation 1

Evonik recommends Color Care UV Shield Hair Conditioner to protect hair fibres against damage caused by UV light.

Heat phases A and B separately to approximately 75°C. Combine both phases, homogenise and cool down while stirring. Add phases C and D below 45°C. Adjust pH value to approximately 4.5.

Formulation 2

A pleasant self-tanning gel, called Secret Subtle Self-Tan, developed by Innospec, provides a light texture and excellent lubricity and spreadability thanks to the inclusion of Gelaid CPE.

Add the ingredients of phase A sequentially, mixing in between each addition until obtaining a clear uniform system. Adjust pH with 50%w/w solution of citric acid if necessary. Add glycerin in 0.25% increments until system is clear.

Formulation 3

An idea from IFF-Lucas Meyer is this Protective Sun Oil utilising the supplier’s MelinOIL active ingredient. It is transparent with a non-greasy after feel and offers SPF10 protection, as well as strengthening the skin’s natural photo-protection.

Prepare phase A and heat at 70-80°C under slow stirring. When the mixture is homogeneous, cool down under medium stirring. Add phase B (one by one) below 40°C.

Formulation 4

Gear Up For Summer from Merck is a pre-sun care product to help skin build up natural melanin.

Disperse phase C in phase B and heat to 60°C. Heat phase A1 to 60°C. Disperse phase A2 in phase A1 and heat to 60°C. Add phase BC slowly (while stirring) to phase A. Homogenise. Neutralise batch with phase D while stirring. Stir to cool down and add phase E.

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