Superdrug investigates “body shame” Facebook claim


Customer uses social media to respond to negative comments about denim shorts

Superdrug has apologised to one of its female customers after she reported overhearing negative comments about her appearance from staff in one of its stores. The customer wrote about her experience on social media, sparking a huge reaction online and in the press.

Harriet Rae used the Superdrug Facebook page to respond to two of the retailer’s employees who Raid said made negative remarks about her choice of clothing. She visited a Superdrug store in Truro, Cornwall on Saturday 23 July. She said that she had overheard the two staff members making comments about her “appearance and shorts”.

Rae said that the staff had made comments about the outfit “loud enough for most people to hear” and said that she felt it was “obviously not the first time [they]’ve had a giggle and made comments about another girl”.

Rae posted a picture of herself smiling the in the mentioned outfit and asked: “Can you be a little bit kinder with your words?” She said that she was not bothered by their comments, but wanted them to be aware that their remarks might seriously upset someone else.

The customer also decided to “send back some love” and gave the two girls compliments on how they had done their hair and make-up. She added: "You are both very talented”.

Following an overwhelming response to the story, Rae updated the post to say that Superdrug’s Head Office had been in touch to apologise to her. While she reiterated that her intention was to “spread kindness and positivity” rather than cause embarrassment, Superdrug said that it was going to use Rae’s post in future training.

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Superdrug told The Huffington Post: “Following the post on Facebook we launched an immediate investigation. At Superdrug we pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer service and would like to apologise unreservedly if on this occasion we have failed to meet our high standards. We are in touch with Harriet and have apologised.”