Superdrug's sun care sales soar 41% in UK heat wave


Temperatures reached 33°C on Tuesday 19 July prompting demand for sunscreen

A.S. Watson retailer Superdrug has seen sales of sun care products rise by 41%, in comparison to the previous week, as the heatwave currently sweeping the UK reached 33°C on 19 July.

Simon Comins, Buying Director at Superdrug, said: “When the sunshine appears we always see an increase in sales of sun protection as customers rush to stores to get ready for the heatwave.”

Sales of cooling sprays increased by 73%, while the retailer expects to sell three times as many cooling sprays compared to the previous week if the warm weather continues. Temperatures are predicted to reach similar highs in the forthcoming week, and Comins confirmed that Superdrug has restocked its sun care and cooling sprays in preparation as it expects to sell 75% more sun protection products compared to last week.

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It appears that UK consumers are becoming more sun savvy, with sun care sales up 36% year-on-year and a 60% increase in sales of the higher SPF factors 30 and 50 in the last week, a figure that is predicted to grow as temperatures rise. Comins added: “It’s great to see Brits are becoming more sun safe with sales of higher factors on the rise.”