Sustainable packaging solutions brings change on every level

Cosmetics firms are taking a multi-pronged approach to sustainable packaging solutions

Cosmetics and personal care product companies are increasingly looking to eco-friendly packaging to deliver green marketing as well as practical cost-saving advantages. Producers are seeking to raise consumers’ awareness of environmentally-sensitive products by using packaging materials such as wood and decoration such as reusable ribbons and scarves; encouraging thrift by offering refillable fragrance bottles; and saving costs by using lighter packaging materials that can also be flagged as sustainable on labelling. Companies are also facing increasing regulatory pressure to produce sustainable packaging, such as through rising recycling quotas insisted upon by European Union (EU) waste legislation.

“Wood is becoming increasingly sought after as a packaging material,” says Jaume Ordeig, Sales Director at Spain-based Technotraf Wood Packaging. He notes that wood adds “sensory appeal, as it’s very attractive to feel and touch”.

“We have had to prove that wood, rather than diminishing the luxury image of a cosmetics product, actually enhances it,” he says. “It adds prestige, dignity, honesty and – best of all – boosts the environmental credentials of a brand, provided it is sourced sustainably.”

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