Symrise strengthens team with 7 new noses

By Becky Bargh 21-Feb-2019

The new recruits from the US, Brazil, France and China recently completed Symrise’s Perfumery School

Symrise strengthens team with 7 new noses

Global chemicals and fragrance supplier Symrise has strengthened its team of perfumers with seven new recruits.

The women, Leslie Gauthier, Marine Ipert, Jamie Tan Yuping, Suthathip Thedvichienchai, Emma Yao Wei, Laure Breysse and Suzy Le Helley will work across France, China, Brazil and the US as part of the group.

All seven new employees recently graduated the Symrise Perfumery School and received their certificates earlier this year.

The examination process required the students to make one soap, one hair rinse and one fabric softener using jasmine, lily of the valley and ylang-ylang blossoms.

Symrise’s President of Scent and Care, Achim Daub, said: “A good perfumer sets trends with his or her own fragrance creations.

“Our graduates gain this ability by studying at the industry-renowned Symrise Perfumery School.”

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