Syntopix to develop new microemulsions


Wins support from Intelligent Formulation

Syntopix Group, a UK-based antimicrobial research company serving the pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetics markets, has won backing from Intelligent Formulation for a 30-day international research challenge into formulation design for skincare products.

Huddersfield-based Intelligent Formulation, which supports businesses involved in formulation, received more than 20 proposals and is supporting just two applicants, including Syntopix.

The organisation will fund the project in which Syntopix will characterise microemulsions made from environmentally friendly surfactants. It is hoped that the resultant data will assist scientists in the formulation of new cosmetic, pharmaceutical and personal care products.

In common with emulsions such as paint and mayonnaise, microemulsions are a mixture of oil and water. However, unlike ordinary emulsions, they contain very small particles and can be produced simply by mixing the components, which results in crystal clear solutions.

Steve Jones, ceo of Syntopix, said: ‘Formulating microemulsions can be problematic due to its trial and error nature and is made all the more difficult by the lack of physical parameters available to inform their design. Our research project will help determine some of these essential parameters to speed up selection of ingredients.’

He added: ‘The project will give our formulation work a huge boost and ensure we can develop products right first time, saving both time and money. We are delighted that our innovative approach to formulation has been recognised as important to the industry as a whole.’

As part of the project Syntopix will be working with Steven Abbott of the University of Leeds, Edgar Acosta of the University of Toronto and will use the high throughput capabilities of VLCI, in Amsterdam to screen a range of surfactants.

Work on the research project has begun and publication of surfactant parameters is planned for April 2011.

Syntopix was founded in 2003 as a spin-out from the University of Leeds by two leading experts in skin microbiology. The company has a growing library of more than 3,000 compounds profiled for their antimicrobial activity.

Intelligent Formulation was set up by Yorkshire Chemical Focus, the Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation and ParticlesCIC to deliver the new Formulation Innovation Network, which provides business benefit by accelerating innovation through cross-sector research and knowledge transfer.