Taiwan K.K.debuts new website for latest trends and products

Brand new Cosjar website at www.cosjar.com.tw, clients can now view Taiwan K.K’s latest company trends and current product lines.

Taiwan K.K., since 1976, is a well-known manufacturer (ISO 9001/14001 Certified) of top quality crystal clear acrylic containers for skin care and cosmetic products under the brand name COSJAR. The brand name focuses on providing packaging solution through innovation and flexibility, while continuing to lead with new packaging looks to meet the aesthetic demands of high-end beauty market.

Among the benefits for employing COSJAR products, here are three most outstanding ones: Quality checking process, stable delivery time, and timely services. When compared to other Chinese competitors, one would instantly recognise the difference in quality. COSJAR has strict quality checking process to ensure only the best comes through to customers. The delivery time is enabled through their self-owned production facility. COSJAR is able to communicate with factory directly and make sure the production is on schedule. Finally, all these services are made possible by its sales team, which is passionate, professional, and multi-lingual. Anyone who has ever deal with COSJAR is satisfied and provide with high ratings.

With their brand new Cosjar website at www.cosjar.com.tw, clients can now view Taiwan K.K’s latest company trends and current product lines. The process of finding suitable information and product has never been easier. To place an inquiry, please get in touch via email: package@taiwankk.com.tw.

Cosjar Team wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!