Targeting the tween market


Connecting with a generation of new beauty consumers by developing a strategic approach that values experimentation

Kid's retail is a huge and rapidly expanding growth sector and the tween sector particularly so. In the US alone, the 20 million 8-12 year olds are spending an estimated US$30bn of their own money and $150m of their parents’ money each year, according to Mintel. Targeting the tween beauty marketplace has always been contentious, but there is an opportunity to better connect with a captive generation of new beauty consumers by developing a strategic approach that finds new ways to interact with this audience.

It does remain a variable landscape. Household name brands such as Clearasil, which focus on skin type and problems, remain perennially popular as do middle ground staples such as Maybelline mascaras. But alongside this is innovation from new brands trying to meet the needs and desires of today’s more discerning and sophisticated tweens who possess a creative eye, social and environmental conscience, and digital motivation.

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Walmart’s geoGiRL recently heralded a macro change. It adopted a marketing strategy based on giving girls the dos and don’ts to experiment and learn from an early age, and all aspects of product and design were based on natural and sustainable technologies. A clever naming strategy engaging abbreviations – such as the T2G (Time to Go) cleanser – captivated the younger consumer. 


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