Technicolour dreams: Formulations for vibrant make-up

In a crowded market, versatile and dynamic colour cosmetics help set you above the competition

Formulation 1

The following oil-based eyeshadow formulation is from Elementis and contains the supplier’s Bentone Gel ISD V, which provides rheological control and suspension and Fancol ID-CG for its excellent coverage, film-forming and wear-resistant properties.

Formulation 2

This all-in-one colour mousse built on ingredients from Jeen International can be used on the face, lips and eye area. Mousse FLEA is formulated with water, allowing for the incorporation of active skin care ingredients and is suitable for packaging in applicators, pots or gloss tubes.


In main beaker add phase A ingredients one by one and mix until homogeneous. Add phase B ingredients to phase A one at a time and mix until homogeneous. Add phase C ingredients to phase AB one at a time and mix until homogeneous. Add phase D ingredients to phase ABC one at a time and mix until homogeneous.

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